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My name is Bunny and I am a gorgeous 21-year-old woman. I am 112 pounds, 5’5, and I have a 34b-23-33 bust that will make your jaw drop.

I always wear elegant clothes and walk with a purpose, the purpose of meeting you and getting close to you. What excites me is the opportunity of meeting you and getting to know you. I’m interested in learning about the things you’ve always wanted to do with an exotic woman, and I’m very curious about how it will all play out when we get together.

I can help you bring your ideas and fantasies to life, and if we get off to a good start I will be willing to go as far as you want me to. We can always start with a traditional adult entertainment session and then move on to the things you like doing. I am open to fetishes, role-playing, and rough erotic sessions.

When you have a slim and well-toned body like mine, it’s clear that doing anything but escorting would be a waste of time. I also have black hair and brown eyes, which makes for a cute combination with my sexy Latina complexion. And I don’t try to limit myself when it comes to erotic experiences, which is I am so open and loving for your tender needs.

I also love how I can inspire men in their lives and push them to be greater. I want to meet you and push you to be greater, and hopefully in return you’ll be able to visit Las Vegas more often and take me out on more dates. There’s nothing like having a hot babe like me in the back of your mind, enticing you to advance in your career simply so that you can secure more trips back to the city of paradise.

I know that if you put your mind to it, you will be able to book me as often as you’d like. After the first time we meet, I know that you’ll be back for more. I am beautiful and energetic, and that is exactly the sort of energy you need in your life.

I’ve been told by others that there’s something about me that makes it easy to click with others. I want you to know that even if this is your first time, we’ll be able to click together in a matter of seconds. The quicker I can get you comfortable with me, the quicker I can get you in bed and started on a night of sensual fun.

Everything that I do, I base it on the belief that life is fabulous and that it always gives you room to grow. When you’re close to me you’ll feel yourself growing, and I’ll be ready to take on your growing lust for me every second of the day. I know what it’s like wanting to jump someone’s bones, simply because of the beauty that they have inside, and I want to share everything that’s inside of me with you.

Until we meet, you’ll have to keep looking at my photos and deciding how long it will be before you call. I hope that it’s within the next few moments, because I am awaiting to hear your voice and proposition for a date of a lifetime!

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