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I know of my sex appeal…and how to use it, of course

My name is Andrea and I have always had a keen awareness of my sexual appeal and how to use it to bring others happiness. Sexuality is more about confidence than anything else, and I enjoy bringing out that kind of confidence in others when they are around me.

My dark, long hair provides a definitive, flawless contrast to my light, smooth skin. I keep my body toned and flexible with my yoga practices. I look forward to showing you just how beneficial yoga can be on the body.

When dating me, I go out of my way to make sure you are confident in our connection together. I strive to uncover what turns you on and what will make you smile. That self-assurance allows both of us to enjoy our time together and heighten the experience.

Using my sexual appeal to your advantage gives you the comfort of knowing that your time will be well spent with me. I value your time and mine, and do not want to waste any precious time when we are together.

Just being sexy isn’t enough, you have to know how to use it. Trust that “I know of my sex appeal…and how to use it, of course”

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