Hello, I am the Priestess Payzly Paine, an independent and highly reviewed Bi-Sexual Provider and a Skilled Dominatrix.  I specialize in Eroticism.  I offer a tantalizing, unconventional, experience for men & women who seek more than the usual run-of-the-mill escort encounter Combining the psychological and physical aspects of Sexual Domination and submission, I will awaken your senses through the use of bondage, discipline, touch, and visualization.  Eliciting arousal, reducing inhibitions, and ultimately bringing about an intense and exceptionally gratifying culmination. While I am an expert at these techniques, what really sets Me apart from the rest, is My enthusiasm.  It is evident in the manner in which I take control, the provocative look in My eyes, and the stern and sexy tone of My voice.  Enjoying what I do definitely translates into a very hot session. My most requested sessions include Bondage, Sensation-Play, Sensory Deprivation, Tease & Denial, CBT, Age-play, Body & Foot Worship, A/B & Diaper Discipline, Impact Play, Water Sports, Medical Play, Electro-Stim, Sounding, Humiliation, and Feminization. My personal favorites are Bondage and Strap-on sessions.  What turns Me on the most is pushing.  Pushing you to the edge, just to bring you back, again and again, until you are too weary and too spent to resist.  You will be tied, teased, and tormented and you will enjoy every minute of it. When you desire something mildly different or wildly kinky, call Me. Priestess Payzly Paine    702-465-1886